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Meet Athena, Owner of Steady Hand & Phlebotomy Instructor!

Athena has been a phlebotomist for about 9 years. Since she started this career, she has excelled, holding positions such as production supervisor, team lead, trainer, and so much more. She has worked in many different settings like mobile phlebotomy and plasma centers. After elevating as high as she could in her career, Athena decided to start teaching others how to get just as much out of this career as she has. And she is excited to watch her new students grow in her beloved profession.

Meet Kneisha, our Paramedical & Medical Assistant Instructor!

Kneisha has been a part of Steady Hand since April 2021 and has worn many hats such as manager, social media corresponder, graphic designer, and is now our Paramedical Examiner & Medical Assistant instructor.
After researching the details of this career, Kneisha developed her own curriculum and started teaching this class when it launched in October 2021. She also designed the curriculum for the Medical Assistant class and will be co-teaching that class with Athena. She has been in the medical field since 2011, becoming an LPN in 2018 and RN in 2021. Because of her experience, she has extensive knowledge of the accurate way to perform health assessments, gathering data, and how to properly document: skills you will need to perform as a paramedical examiner & medical assistant.
Kneisha has constructed these classes in a way that teaches students vital information related to these certifications, but in a fun way. You will leave the course with everything you need to know to get started in this field as well as the confidence to continue to build on the foundation you started with us!

Meet our Phlebotomy instructor, Donna!

Donna has been with us for about six months, firstly speaking with our classes about Phlebotomy in the hospital setting. She was promoted to instructor in December 2021 and has been helping Athena teach classes. 
Donna has been in Phlebotomy for 14 years, starting out in a plasma center as a phlebotomist, then donor floor supervisor then transitioning to UF Health Shands as a phlebotomist in 2009. While at Shands, Donna has worked in all areas of the hospital such as pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatric, etc. both inpatient and outpatient. In 2017 she was promoted to a Phlebotomy trainer and 2020 was again promoted to Phlebotomy supervisor where she supervises over 62 phlebotomists on day to day duties.
With her experience and eagerness to help students maximize their potential, Donna is a vital part of Steady Hand & we are so happy to have her!

Meet Brianna, our Steady Hand team member!

Brianna is currently a phlebotomist working at the hospital, so she is able to teach the technique that is currently being practiced in the hospital setting. She is also a valuable asset to our team as she is very helpful working with student during the hands-on portion of the class.

Meet Carmen, our Steady Hand team member!


Carmen is also a phlebotomist who works in the hospital setting. She is able to assist with helping students know the correct procedure for blood drawing. She has experience in the laboratory as well and is able to share her knowledge of processing blood and specimens.